Don’t wait to buy

Many are waiting for a down-turn in the housing market before making a home purchase. According to current trends, they may be waiting a long time.
Recently the Federal Reserve indicated that they would not be raising interest rates and that the recent increases in interest rates may be ending. This change in interest rate policy has encouraged home buyers, and sellers, and stimulated business to keep expanding. The result is that the economy will remain strong for at least the next two years, and probably longer.
As the economy stays strong, more home buyers will have jobs and they will be willing and able to buy. Stable interest rates will support buyers ability to qualify to buy a home. With continued demand for homes, home values will be stable or continue to grow. This will also encourage homeowners to sell.
If you are considering purchasing a new home, now is a great time to start looking. It is important that you get qualified for a home loan first, before you start looking for the home of your dreams. Interest rates have actually gone down in the past two weeks so it will be easier to qualify. You can get qualified at
Don’t wait for housing prices to go down, they won’t likely do that, and will probably go higher. Now is the time to consider the home of your dreams. Get pre-qualified now and begin looking today.